The following link is for use in non emergency situations only!  
If you are having an emergency please contact us at 856-291-8756.
If you feel that the emergency is life threatening call 9-1-1.

All routine and sick visits are by appointment only.  
We schedule enough time with the physician to give the type of care we think you will need.  
Please call in advance to schedule a time.  
Our phone number is 856-291-8756.

Emergency or acute care appointments are scheduled by our triage team.  
They are here to assist you in determining the urgency of your call
as well as directing you toward proper medical care.

Please be on time for your appointment.  If you are late it may be possible that the
physician, due to a full schedule, will request that you reschedule your appointment
for another day.  We also request that if you are unable to keep your scheduled
appointment, you call us at least 24 hours in advance.  This courtesy allows us to be
of service to other patients.  Please familiarize yourself with our policies.

Late Arrival Policy

If a patient arrives for their scheduled appointment 10 minutes late or later, it is at the
discretion of the physician to see the patient or ask the patient to reschedule.  If it is
determined that the physician will see the patient, other scheduled patients will not be delayed
in order to accommodate the late arriving patient.  The patient arriving late may have to wait
until an appropriate opening is available.

No Show Policy

If a patient does not show up for a scheduled appointment they are considered a no-show.  It is
the policy of Mount Laurel Family Physicians to make every reasonable effort to contact the
patient to inform them of their missed appointment.  If the patient frequently misses their
appointments, and did not contact us in advance to cancel the appointment, it is at the
discretion of the physician to discharge the patient from the practice.  If the patient was
scheduled for a complete physical or another extended office visit (surgical procedure,
pre-operative examination etc.), it is at the discretion of the physician as to whether the patient
will be rescheduled for that type of an appointment.

If the patient was scheduled for a same day sick visit (scheduled within the previous 24 hours)
and misses the appointment without canceling in advance, it is at the discretion of the
physician to discharge the patient from the practice.

If the decision is made to discharge the patient from the practice, the patient will be notified by
certified mail.  The patient will receive 30 consecutive days of emergency care only from the
date of the letter.